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The aim of this project is to support the professional development of a network of teachers for knowledge building in schools through integrating online discussion in the school curriculum. Our goal is to enhance quality learning and teaching that align with current goals of Curriculum Reforms emphasizing inquiry, teamwork and lifelong learning. We aim to develop this network of teachers through a teacher secondment scheme supported by teacher professional development workshops and technical affordances of Knowledge.
Currently many important efforts are devoted to different initiatives for Curriculum Reforms. We propose that knowledge building provides a very viable educational model that fit well with visions and goals of Curriculum Reforms.   Knowledge building focuses on how members can add value to the community through progressive inquiry and collective work.  We employ this educational model for teacher development in our project because the emphasis of knowledge building on inquiry, teamwork, and lifelong learning are exactly what is valued in current reform efforts.
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NEW!!!  Successful pedagogies for inquiry and knowledge building

The KBTN project team has launched a new website showcasing what the project has accomplished.

Since 2006, the KBTN project team at CITE has been working in liaison with participating teachers to develop good KB practices for both primary and secondary school curriculums. The website aims to outline some of the outcomes through example cases, as well as relevant multimedia.

Successful Pedagogies for Inquiry and Knowledge Building: Teachers' Learning Journeys and Assessment Tools

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KBTN Dissemination 2010/11

A series of 5 workshops, as well as an induction seminar and dissemination will be held in the school year 2010/11 to facilitate network teachers' knowledge building implementation and their own professional development.

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