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Knowledge building can be facilitated by the use of appropriately designed technology platforms, such as Knowledge Forum, to support the collaborative process. Knowledge Forum is a problem-centered collaborative knowledge medium that operates over a computer network. In the database, students and their teachers can create text and graphic notes, read and build onto each others' notes, and create views to represent different aspects of their collaborative work. It provides the organization for any number of small groups to carry on discussions and debates among themselves and with each other, for students to join in the discussions of whatever group they're interested in, and to realign themselves with other groups as the need arises, and it allows the teacher as well as other students to monitor and contribute to the developing lines of inquiry of each group. The computer system thus provides the organization and support for the complex array of individual and group discussions and development of ideas that constitutes a working knowledge-building community. For information about KF, please visit www.knowledgeforum.com

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